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The HG2 is an Automatic Drilling and Inserting machine for hinges. The machine has a working field of 1500mm (59”) with adjustable reference stops for left and right door reference. The first head is fixed and second head can be manually moved by a push of a button to release the brake and is equipped with digital read out for head location. The automatic cycle is performed by drilling from bottom with removable magazines for automatic hinge insertion. Digital read-out for quick “tab” adjustment is also available.


Control Panel: Independent head control to turn on/off drilling or inserting cycle. Equipped with inductive sensor to ensure hinge is not present before drilling cycle.

Panel Presence Sensor: For safety of machine operation, the panel presence sensor ensures there is a panel inserted into the machine before clamping and drilling to prevent damage.

Magazine Auto Load: Each head is equipped with magazine for hinges and the cycle for loading and inserting the hardware is automatic. Magazines are a quick release for fast changeover.

Head Configuration: A digital read-out for the tab adjustment is located on the face of the head and dust extraction is mounted on the front next to drilling unit for optimal removal of debris. The start cycle and On/Off indicators are conveniently located on each head.

Technical data
Width “X” (manual) 180 mm (7") - 1500 mm (59")
Tab “Y” (manual) 0 mm – 12 mm (1/2”)
Vertical “Z” (manual) 0 mm – 20 mm (3/4”)
Panel thickness 10 mm (3/8”) – 40 mm (1.57”)
Net weight ~800 kg (~1760 lbs)
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