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The stefani ssb - stefani sb products contains complete and diversified solutions for panel square-edging, aimed at medium- and large-scale furniture producers. Exceptional robustness, design quality and constant technical updating are what make the stefani ssb - stefani sb products a byword for reliability and practical efficiency, even in heavy-duty use with several work shifts per day.

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Machining of any material for panels and edges in such a way as to create an incredibly complete production for all market types.

Possibility to diversify the edging quality offered with the combined use of the exclusive SLIM LINE technology (for reducing the amount of glue used) and AirFusion+ (for the elimination of glue application).

stefani ssb  represent the strength of a high performance design for a quick and simple customisation of the degree of flexibility and productivity, in line with the real needs. It can also be inserted in integrated processing lines without relinquishing or compromising on anything.

Technical data
Productivity: Finished panels/shift   From 5000
Max feed speed for lengthwise processing m/min 40
Max feed speed for crosswise processing 
with rounding process
m/min 35
Coil edge thickness mm 0.3-3
Solid wood edge thickness mm 25
Standard panel thickness mm 8 – 60
Panel thickness with 80 mm pack mm 80
Maximum panel length mm 3200
Maximum panel width mm 1600 
Technology for edge application   EVA, PUR, EVA+PUR
AirFusion+, SlimLine
Processes   Standard panels,
J-Shape, doors,
massive production,
flexible production
Case History
Tino Sana
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