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The ideal solution for batch-1 process. 
Compact and smart CNC drilling centre perfect to grant drilling on 5 faces of the panel, blade-grooving and routing operations, thanks to two drilling heads, with independent Y axis, for simultaneous machining on the same panel.
No need of manual interventions to setup the machine between two operations, allowing uninterrupted machining cycle.


Zero play during machining with the new RO.AX technology (Rotoaxial spindle technology), the most efficient spindle on the market with rotation speeds up to 8000 rpm. The sturdiness of drilling heads is proven by the reduced maintenance costs: five times less than that imposed by the majority of other machine manufacturers.

Reduced working cycle thanks to the two drilling heads, with independent Y axis, managed automatically by program, that can work simultaneously on the panel. 

CAD/CAM software designed and developed entirely by SCM in Windows environment that allows to program easily any element to be realized.
It provides the customer with all the tools necessary for the design, the management of the tools and related processes.

Technical data
Workpiece max. dimensions mm 3050x1300x95
Workpiece min. dimensions mm 200x50x8
X-Y-Z axes speed m/min 70-40-30
Drilling heads n. 2
Independent vertical spindles n. 24
Independent horizontal spindles X direction n. 8
Independent horizontal spindles Y direction n. 3
Electrospindle motor power kW 6,6
Tool changer positions n. 6


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Piemme Arredamenti
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