Jun 24, 2020

CMS North America is proud to partner with companies like Profile Plastics Inc., a plastics contract manufacturing company located in Lake Bluff, Illinois. Like CMS, Profile Plastics is dedicated to upholding an industry leading responsibility, manufacturing solutions with the utmost in reliability and efficiency; especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic and the essential needs of our customers. For over twenty years, Profile Plastics has partnered with CMS for their part machining needs, and most recently, with Ares and Antares machines. Sought after for their best-in-class precision and accuracy, Profile Plastics recognized the need for an advanced machine design structure, with technical solutions that guaranteed rigidity over time so the high quality finish and exactness of their workpieces remained constant features of their production over the years.

Founded in 1960, Profile Plastics has defined a niche in the custom thermoforming market by producing highly cosmetic, close tolerance parts. Not simply satisfied with years of successful design implementation and cost-saving production methods, they continue to focus on achieving a reputation as a creative problem solver. One challenge Profile Plastics faced at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis was how to reliably maintain the precision and quality of parts with a surge in product demand by many of their essential medical/healthcare customers. Garrett Smith, Director of Sales at Profile Plastics states, “from MRI machines, room disinfectant equipment, to foodservice and transportation components, demand increased across the board. Many parts [covers, panels, enclosures, et al.] that we manufacture for our customers are highly visible to their end-users or end-customers, and therefore, have very specific cosmetic requirements. Our CMS machines continue to help us meet and exceed those expectations and we are pleased with the tremendous support that CMS provides”.

Now more than ever, we rely on industry leading brands to pave the way for flexible solutions born from the most innovative technologies. With that, the willingness to cultivate a source of support dedicated to generating consistency and reliability. CMS North America and Profile Plastics are always by your side, committed to the betterment of the plastics and thermoforming industry, and to the betterment of our community.