Timber construction technologies

Les charpentiers des Alpes et Provence. A combination of wood construction art, technique and know-how

“Les Charpentier des Alpes et Provence” is a company specialised in the design, research, production, machining and assembly of laminated timber structures.

Experience and engineering

With over 50 years' experience in wood construction, the C.A.P. design office offers highly skilled engineers and designers and the most modern design equipment available. It can therefore calculate stress loads on highly complex 3D structures (with Eurocode 5 and 3 calculations), conduct seismic studies (with Eurocode 8) and create 3D carpentry drawings with CATIA V5 software.

Thanks to this technological expertise, C.A.P. can design any kind of structure, from large gymnasiums, to covered stadiums, swimming pools, industrial buildings and even bridges.

The modern and compact Oikos machining centre has allowed C.A.P. to become more competitive and satisfy the requirements of a constantly evolving market.

Workshop: 6 axes cnc machining precision and quality

Thanks to a workshop measuring over 5500 m2 equipped with machinery specifically designed for laminated timber construction, the company is able to conduct all necessary woodworking operations in-house.

Framework machining and complex high-precision operations are carried out using a Routech OIKOS HT 12 6-axes work centre with optimal machining capacities.

• max. cross section: 300 x 1250, max. length: 19 metres, max. beam weight: 2.5 tonnes,

• high production capacity

• interface with CAO software and QuickLink software developed by Scm and already installed on the machine.

Greater productivity = new markets in France and abroad

The modern and compact Oikos machining centre has allowed C.A.P. to become more competitive and satisfy the requirements of a constantly evolving market.

This increase in productivity has allowed the company to open new markets abroad and strengthen its position in France.

Les Charpentiers des Alpes et Provence (France)

Company specialised in the design, research, production, machining and assembly of laminated timber structures  


Product highlights

CNC Machining Centre OIKOS


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CNC machining flow centre

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CNC Machining Centre with 5 controlled axes

routech chronos

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Compact universal machining centre with large work areas and high workpiece passage, designed for producing curved wood, boat furniture, food&beverage,foundry models and moulds for the automotive and aerospacesectors.

CNC Machining Centre with mobile gantry structure


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