Andrea Schiavolin

Craftsmen's technologies


Andrea's activity began "working around" with his father, owner of an electrician company who transferred him the desire to use his hands to create something.

But Andrea's future was not the electrician, he grew up finding his way into carpentry, starting from really young, with a very small band saw and a small lathe, with which he began to take his first steps in the world of woodworking.

Since Andrea was more and more passionate about this activity and the machines with which he started, had become undersized, his father "gave" him a complete set of SCM machines: his first "real" bandsaw minimax s 45n, then the universal combined machine lab 300N and also the t 124 lathe, a more than respectable woodshop set of minimax joinery machines, especially if we consider the very young age of Andrea: 17 years.

The young age of this woodworker does not prevent him from having very clear ideas, Andrea tells us that he has experienced on his skin the difference between machines of major brands such as SCM, compared to smaller, cheaper machines, that limit the activities, much more of how much than they limit costs and would not come back for any reason.

The youthful enthusiasm of this boy translates into almost frenetic productivity both in quantity and in the different types of objects created.

This has allowed Andrea to get in touch with many companies in his area, where he is known by almost everyone and almost everyone asked him for some carpentry work: a great start for this young carpenter to whom we do a lot of good wishes for a thriving career!

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