Lorenzo Vianello

Technologies for joineries

Lorenzo Vianello, the Leonardo Da Vinci of Trivignano.

This association was immediate as soon as we met Lorenzo, an eclectic wood enthusiast who manages to perfectly realize the most artistic and particular projects that have ever been seen in this sector.

With a great passion for music and design, Lorenzo began working on SCM machines from a young age and continues throughout his life to remain faithful to this brand he is literally in love with; you can see this looking at his carpentry: fully equipped with SCM machines.


"I always felt good with SCM machines, why should I change"? he tells us with a proud smile, while he tells us that he also pusged to buy SCM machines in the woodworking company he currently works for.

This passion has always been part of him, ever since he was walking around the shops in Mestre with his mother and while she was looking at clothes, he was already fantasizing between hardware tools.

Lorenzo has learned the job in the artisan workshops, observing and working, starting from the simplest jobs and then increasing more and more the degree of difficulty, up to today where his knowledge allows him to create precise artifacts that require a very high level of manual skills and "know how".

Looking around the huge woodshop of Lorenzo we cross marvelous inlaid tables, gears and mechanisms completely made of wood, something we had never seen before and we ask him how these ideas came to him and how he managed to realize them.

He naturally explains to us that the creative process in his mind is continuous. He wakes up in the morning and already has ideas that go through his head and that he need to realize. He feels it as a need that can not be avoid. With the same skill he shows us the gig and the mechanisms he has built to create these gears in series and once again underlines the importance of the precision and reliability of SCM machines in the creation of these and other wooden products. Mechanic nutcracker, completely manual wood slicers and other wonders fill Lorenzo's laboratory and our eyes.

The percentage of creativity that is in his creation is very high, as can be seen from the photos of his artifacts.

We greet Lorenzo with his mind full of ideas and projects, as well as a lot of gadgets that he kindly gave us!

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