SCM expands and renews its range of right size box making machines with the new cut c 100 and 200

The cut c range is designed to meet all custom cardboard packaging needs from small to large assembled and kit furniture companies for the production of boxes in maximum flexibility, different from each other in format and size according to a "just in time" logic.





Package size optimization

the packaging is wrapped to the product actual size, thus avoiding the use of expensive additional filling materials and related labor time.

Production flexibility

allows the creation of customized cardboard boxes, different from each other in format and size (order by order) according to just in time principles.

Space optimization

this solution avoids the storage of dozens of different box formats and their handling, resulting in less labor.





The machine can work with cardboard sheets, single fanfold or both. Cardboard width that can be fed into the machine: max 2500, min 400mm.


With this configuration it is possible to use 2 to 4 cardboard fanfolds side by side.


The multiple storage has 4 layers, each of which can accommodate 2 fanfold side by side, thus doubling the number of available cardboards (up to 8).




The glue force are suitable for gluing small/medium (glue force 100) or medium/large (glue force 200) American boxes (FEFCO 0201) using hot-melt glue.

The operator manually inserts the unfolded and folded box inside the machine where flap gluing takes place. This allows the box to be closed without the use of metal staples.


The scanbox allows reading the dimensions of a single or several products together and sends the data to the machine for box production. It can also be used for creating a database with the dimensions of all items.

The measurement is done by the operator using the supplied wireless barcode reader by reading the three product dimensions.

The new cut c 100 e cut c 200


Would you like to discover the new range of box making machines?

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