The new Scm Group Bistrots have been inaugurated

Oct 17, 2022

Ribbon cutting today for the company canteens of the Rimini and Villa Mare (Villa Verucchio) sites.

The new Scm Group Bistrots have all the ingredients to put an even more enjoyable experience "on the table" at lunchtime for the hundreds of employees who use the service daily.

Not only have the spaces been almost doubled, reaching a total of almost 700 square meters compared to the previous 400 (between the consumption area and the distribution of meals), but they also appear more welcoming, comfortable and elegant, with a strong reference to wooden furnishings. , not to forget our roots.

Great attention was also given to the new kitchens with the elimination of gas systems, replaced by electric hobs to reduce energy consumption and promote more respect for the environment.

Today's double ribbon cutting saw the participation in Villa Verucchio of President Giovanni Gemmani and the Head of the Villa Mare plant Paolo Fabbri while in Rimini the General Manager Luigi De Vito, the Human Resources and Organization Director Alessandro Capucci and the Head of the Rimini plant Guido Fuiano.

Today's double inauguration is part of the ongoing redevelopment and expansion work for the Scm Group sites in both territories, as well as further confirmation of the company's constant attention to the people who contribute to the successes of the Group every day with their work.