Scm Group would like to thank Alfredo Aureli for his significant contribution to the growth and values of the company

Mar 31, 2021

The whole group would like to thank Alfredo Aureli for the important work he has done in more than fifty years, for the international expansion of the company and the values transmitted that have been Scm Group's driving strength since the outset.

With the reconfirmation of the Board of Directors, that sees the entrance of fourth-generation representatives and professional figures to strengthen the company governance, Alfredo Aureli is no longer in the Group's higher echelons but we will continue to treasure the principles he always imparted to all his colleagues. These include: the need to be a global leader and "put your heart into it" because "the company above all else"; the importance of loyalty, transparency and honesty that "always pay off"; the motivation and gratification of his colleagues who are the "strength behind any business"; the safeguarding of the Company's social value that "is an bonus to us all, to our families" as well as an "asset for the entire local area", and many other recommendations on innovation, excellence in products and service.