Scm Group Live Christmas: lots of new features for the pre-Christmas event at the Italian plants

Dec 22, 2020

New live streaming formula for the event organised by Scm Group to exchange wishes with colleagues and their families in all the Italian plants.
Scm Group Live Christmas”, broadcast on a digital platform, was an opportunity to take stock of this year, both by the Group and the Wood and Other Material Divisions, and to reward those who contributed to the successes achieved in this highly challenging 2020. We are referring to the winners of the Awards for Improvement Ideas and Innovation Award who, thanks to their ingeniousness, as well as that of all the other participants, help improve the quality of the Group's technological solutions, on a daily basis. Even over the last year, a vast number of ideas were selected, right across all of Scm Group's technological divisions and units, as proof of just how important R&D continues to be.
Special recognition was also given to those colleagues who are retiring, with years of service spanning from twenty-five to fifty years, who have contributed to the Group's continual growth.

The General Manager, Marco Mancini, intervened during the event, along with others, and pointed out the priorities that marked 2020 and which will lead the way in the coming year: produce and process innovation; digitalisation, new IT projects and new communication tools and channels launched for the various brands with Live Shows in direct streaming across the globe; customer service, strategic planning for technology, market and training, with more than 70,000 hours of technical and managerial courses organised by Campus in the last year alone.

The latter, which has always been one of Scm Group's key values, was the building block for a new initiative, the "The future school" contest, dedicated to the children and grandchildren of the Group's workers who were invited to describe their ideal school in a drawing, written work or poem. At a time when school, or rather the lack of it due to the restrictions imposed as a result of the health emergency, has found itself at the centre of debate, Scm Group hopes to contribute to turning the spotlight once again on the topic of training, starting with a contribution from up-and-coming generations who are studying now to become the expert and skilled adults of tomorrow.