Scm Group among the Next generation Cloud Pioneers

Mar 18, 2022

Data control and cyber security are two requests we increasingly hear made by customers and, according to experts, the demand for safety can only increase.
For a multinational industrial organisation looking to the future, like Scm Group, customer relations are essential, and this is why the Group has been one of the first Italian companies to become part of the Next Generation Cloud Pioneers, the first data archiving system shared among companies at European level and developed by the start-up Cubbit
Being involved in Industry 4.0 also means equipping oneself with information technologies and innovative communication.
“As part of customer relations, we need to ensure they find a strong, reliable and innovative partner in the group's companies”, explains Andrea Landini, Group Information Technology Director at Scm Group.
Some of the project's strong points explained by Landini include "the possibility of improving the safety of company information and equipping oneself with tools, as yet unavailable on the market, for better control". Landini adds: "As pioneers and manufacturing companies, we have caught a glimpse of the possibility of being able to take part in, and collaborate on, the technological development of solutions so that they can also adapt perfectly to our needs".
Another equally important aspect, "the benefit that the company would reap in terms of safety of its own corporate information, without forgetting the possibility of making use of new, safe tools that we can give to our users to handle our data".