Kuala Lumpur - A Hub For The Future

Nov 24, 2016

Strategic investments to grow our business in South East Asia

Scm Group announces the creation of the South East Asia Hub in 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, reflecting the strategic importance of the APAC Region for the industrial machinery sector and for the Group’s business development.
The Hub aims to strengthen the presence of Scm Group in the Region, merging the operations of our offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and creating a center of excellence that will serve the entire Region. Malaysia will consequently become the ideal pivot in the APAC Region considering the new geographical set-up.

The strength of this Hub will be based on two pillars, technology and service:

A team of process specialists in panel processing, solid wood applications, surface treatment technologies, serving the entire APAC Region.

A larger After Sales Service Team, with double the number of engineers compared to 2015, serving the South East Asian markets.

We firmly believe the Hub to be a significant investment in the Region. As of 2017, new experienced professionals will be dedicated to serving our partners, and thanks to your support as well as this new organization, we are better prepared than ever for the challenges and rewards we can expect from the APAC Region, one of the world’s most strategic areas, marketplace of the future.

Scm Group challenge: achieve a breakthrough in woodworking technologies, everywhere

In 2015,  within the context of the “Path To Growth Program” Scm Group kicked off a 3 year development plan for the Asia Pacific Region (APAC) with a specific investment plan and ambitious goals.

2015 immediately set a record with regard to our historical presence in Asia, seeing a60% growth of the APAC Region compared to 2014. 2015 also saw the opening of the new subsidiary in Malaysia.

Current indicators show that 2016 will be another successful year with a forecasted increase in double figures compared to 2015. The year has also seen our acquisition of Gabbett Machinery in July and the opening of Scm Group Australia, with offices and showrooms in 5 different states and a headcount of 55 employees.

Wishing our APAC operations all the best.