The Emilia-Romagna Regional Council visits Scm Group

Mar 25, 2022

Today, Vincenzo Colla, the Councillor for Economic Development, Green economy, Employment and Continuing Education at the Emilia-Romagna Regional Council, Emma Petitti, President of the Emilia-Romagna Legislature and Morena Diazzi, the Regional Council’s General Manager, paid a visit to the Scm Group's Headquarters in the company of Chiara Bellini, Rimini's Deputy Mayor, and Juri Magrini, Local Councillor for Economic Affairs.

They were welcomed, on behalf of Scm Group, by CEO Marco Mancini along with the other members of the Board of Directors, Giovanni Gemmani, Enrico Aureli and Valentina Aureli.

After the recent institutional visit of the Mayor of Rimini, Jamil Sadegholvaad and Roberta Frisoni, Local Councillor for Town and Local Planning, this is yet another opportunity to present the authorities with Scm Group's local industrial development plan which is already seeing a first important step towards the upgrading and renovation under-way at the Rimini plant, with the creation, among other things, of a fully automated spare parts warehouse.

"Scm Group's story - explains the Councillor Vincenzo Colla - is one of prestige that has seen a family business, firmly rooted to this area, establish itself over the years as a world industrial leader. The continuous investment in sustainable technological and digital innovation that we were shown today is an example of how entrepreneurship can compete globally with quality and responsibility. From this point of view, I greatly appreciated the strong commitment shown by the Group's Campus to training".

Emma Petitti, President of the Legislature adds: "Once again today, we have seen for ourselves Scm Group’s commitment in taking important steps to expand and upgrade without ever taking its eye off environmental sustainability. The renovation of the Rimini plant is proof of their desire to remain firmly tied to this area and keep their production in Italy, despite the international outlook the company has had for over 70 years. An important objective worth supporting together with the entire industrial division in Rimini, encouraging local economic development and employment".

The regional dignitaries were also treated to a visit to the production plant and the Scm Technology Center, with a preview glimpse of some of the latest technologies that will be presented to customers in the wood-working industry in the course of this year.