Additive manufacturing: the CMS Kreator case at the Kilometro Rosso Innovation District event

Apr 26, 2023

Additive Manufacturing is gaining more and more ground in the manufacturing sector, in various application sectors, worldwide. For this reason, Kilometro Rosso, one of Europe's leading Innovation Districts, in collaboration with the magazine Tecnologie Meccaniche, brought together the main skateholders from the world of industry and research to talk about how to exploit the huge potential of this highly innovative technology. On 20 April CMS participated at the conference 'Additive Manufacturing: rethinking industrial processes for the production of the future' together with several companies from the aeronautical, medical and automotive sectors. CMS contributed with its experience as a manufacturer of cutting-edge technologies. The focus of the speech by Giacomo Barera, Additive Manufacturing Engineer of CMS, was the CMS Kreator hybrid 3D printing and composite milling machine that is winning over several leading manufacturers in the field of advanced materials processing.

The material of products created with this technology, if properly treated, can be recycled and reused to produce other parts. Not only that: production costs are 40% lower than with traditional production systems. Additive manufacturing thus points the way for industrial production that is not only more advanced, but also sustainable.