International Limitless Technology - North America Open House

31.07.2019-02.08.2019 Caledonia, Michigan

Join Cms North America in Caledonia, Michigan Wednesday, July 31st through August 2nd for our highly anticipated International Limitless Technology Experience. This is an exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in the operations responsible for industry leading multi-axis CNC machining centers (horizontal / vertical), CNC bridge saws, automated lines, deburring machines, and water-jet cutting systems.

Come celebrate over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of advanced machines and decades of successful growth in advanced materials, plastic, stone, metal, and glass processing. We are excited for your participation in showcasing our newly renovated, cutting-edge show room.


  1. Volumetric compensation and calibration
  2. MT Connect
  3. Return on investment
  4. Working with ceramic - Roberto Colonetti
  5. What is involved in owning a CNC working center
  6. What is involved in owning a waterjet
  7. Production needs