Scm Family Day

31.07.2016 Villa Verucchio (RN), Italy

The “Scm Family Day” is back, the largescale event dedicated to Scm Group employees and their families.

This year’s edition of “Scm Family Day” will begin at 5 p.m. on Sunday 31 July at the “Centro Sportivo Village” in Villa Verucchio. 

An opportunity to get together, surrounded by the beauty of the Parco Marecchia, and take part in sporting initiatives and enjoy live music.

The day has a full programme including countless activities going from the finals of the 2 nd “L’invincibile” beach volley, beach tennis and five-a- side football tournaments, which have seen group employees busy competing since last Spring.

Participants will be able to enjoy the Village relaxation areas, the swimming pool, sports areas and recreational activities for children. Live music by “The Sixties” vocal trio and by Sergio Casabianca accompanied by the Gocce will liven up the evening and on into the night.

Guests will include the Mayor of Villa Verucchio, Stefania Sabba, here to underline the importance this initiative and the company itself both have for the local area and population.

We look forward to seeing you there!

“Despite Scm Group being a multinational company present throughout the world, we still feel like one big family, in our minds a key value which comes into play thanks to initiatives such as this. The people who work in this company are its real driving force and such occasions are vital to strengthen our team spirit, share the group’s values and enhance the sense of belonging amongst colleagues.” -  Andrea Aureli, Scm Group CEO