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People development


For Scm Group, improving and developing Human Resources is a key part of strengthening competitiveness and growth.

Scm Group can offer solid professional development opportunities to YOUNG TALENTS and PROFESSIONALS in Italy and around the globe.

The desire to offer development plans to its employees and the ability to develop their skills are, for Scm Group, elements of competitiveness and strengthening that have always been used to enhance talent and the creation of opportunities.

With a corporate culture that places people at its centre, encouraging them to express their individual resources and train individual skills, career paths are not pre-defined but built together with each individual co-worker.

Professional growth is supported by listening to motivations and monitoring performance with a view to continuous improvement; starting points for sharing opportunities to grow that are compatible with employees' skills and ambitions.

Our approach to development favours merit, promotes inter-functional growth logic and supports geographical and international mobility.

The work context encourages inclusiveness, transforming the values of diversity and multiculturalism that feature in this large multinational Group, into opportunities for dialogue, constructive comparison and growth factors for the individual person and the entire company.




Our CAMPUS offers continuous learning opportunities; Scm Group sees promoting KNOWLEDGE EXPERIENCE as the most natural way to support the development of our talents and co-workers, promoting their growth and accompanying their professional development within the company.

We see dealing with PEOPLE as a way of preparing them to face tomorrow's challenges; improving their skills, enhancing and coaching their potential so that they do not limit themselves and so that their professional horizon can be a constantly open and continuously evolving space.

The training opportunities offered by Scm Group's Campus have been devised and designed with the idea that professional employee development should not be separate from one's own personal growth, encouraging the acquisition of specialist technical skills, as well as reinforcing management and interpersonal skills.

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