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Meritocracy and value

Ivan Capelli Installation & Commissioning Manager

I can say that my long and interesting journey is essentially due to two factors: the growth opportunities that the company has always given me and the passion for this job...

Balkar Singh Sales Manager and Key Account Manager Indian Subcontinent

SCM Group has valued my commitment and has given me the opportunity to cover increasingly important roles. My personal success contributes to the success of Scm Group...

Enthusiasm, trust, passion

Sara Iaconianni Innovation Scouting Manager

What convinced me from the outset to apply for the job were my job specifications that still appeal to me, like having the opportunity to always learn new things. SCM Group also gave me the chance to expand my horizons and dedicate my time to more managerial and organisational activities...

Barbara Licini Back-office Sales Manager

I have had a chance to grow, enjoy different experiences and face new challenges but, above all, to work with people who give their heart and soul every day, driven by their enormous passion...

Informal and stimulating environment

Rachele Bonaldi Mechanical Assembling Specialist

Right from the outset, I was amazed by the way I was made to feel welcome. They instantly made me feel part of the group.

Sergio Castro Digital Service Product Manager and Business Development

Working for a large Group like this not only offers me a chance to get to know colleagues from all over the world, but also to achieve my dream of visiting new places and moving to foreign countries. It is a great opportunity, especially for young people.

Listening and Participation

Erika Epis Training and Development Specialist

I like, and still to this day amazes me, is the openness and generosity of the people I work with.
I hope to meet many more "nice people" with whom I can share this privilege…

Jacopo Bonato Operations Manager

Over the last six years I have grown considerably and continue to do so, both from a professional and personal point of view. Scm Group gave me space and opportunities to do so; I accepted the challenge…

Corporate Social Responsibility

Valentina Giampaolo Spare Parts Trade Marketing Specialist

The difference is not just the product a company sells but the people who work there. The employees are the key stakeholders of the company's ethics and its value. In my own small way, I promote this responsibility within the company and in my private life...

Ettore Salvi Automation Engineering Manager - Stone, Glass & Metal

I have always made myself fully available to the company, but I have also always found an organization that cared about my requirements and was always ready to listen to my needs...

Professional growth and training

Stefano Stara Spare Parts Manager

The Group gave me the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. In a constantly evolving world, it is essential for companies to invest in training and professionalism to overcome tomorrow's challenges...

Lorenzo Monti Process & Competences Improvement Manager

I was in search of a company able to improve with its people and appreciation of their talent. Continuing education and professional growth cannot be separated and still represent the main reasons of the choice I made some years ago...


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