CMS brembana electa: at the peak of productivity!

Oct 30, 2023

Brembana electa is a 3- or 4-axis machining center for machining stone, featuring a unique combination of compactness, large working area and productivity. 

Brembana electa extends the CMS range of machining centers, while maintaining high quality standards and offering a more compact and simple alternative to the other models in the series. 

Brembana electa was designed mainly for the interior furniture and cladding sector. 

Flat workpieces obtained from slabs can undergo milling, external and internal contouring, and all processes needed in interior furniture and cladding production to make tables, kitchen worktops, bathroom tops, wall and furniture cladding, and some elements for ventilated facades. 

What are the unique features of the brembana electa? 

  • Compact: a surface area of only 18 square meters, but capacity for large workpieces up to 5.4 square meters; 

  • Monobloc structure that is very robust; 

  • Worktable with MST (Metal Synthetic Technology), which uses quartz to dampen vibrations and help improve the surface finish and overall machining quality; 

  • Up to 26 tools in the magazine; 

  • Speed and productivity that will amaze, with fast movements up to 72 m/s; 

  • 14 kW spindle: powerful and versatile. 


  • Productivity: the highest in its category thanks to axis movements at up to 72m/min; 

  • +15% work area: more space for your projects compared to the average on the market; 

  • Uncompromising finishes: the heavy monobloc structure dampens vibrations to achieve the best results in all machining processes.