Here are the 5 reasons to choose brembana kartesia for your fabrication needs!

Sep 28, 2023
  1. Brembana kartesia is the most advanced CNC machining center with 3/4 interpolated axes for fabricating stone items. It can perform any type of contouring, drilling, milling, engraving and polishing with high precision and execution speed. 

  2. Brembana kartesia is equipped with a patented suction cup system with automatic positioning (called AUTOMAX) and dedicated software to automatically position the suction cups in relation to the workpiece. 

  3. It is a particularly productive solution: it is well equipped (it can reach up to 52 tools), can eliminate the downtime normally associated with manually handling the suction cups, and maximizes the actual spindle fabrication time. 

  4. Brembana kartesia can also independently manage scrap removal without the need to stop the machine. 

  5. Finally, with the assistance of anthropomorphic robots, brembana kartesia can be added to fully automated kitchen worktop production lines with minimal need for human intervention.