BF STONE and CMS: a synergy for maximum efficiency

Aug 22, 2023

At BF Stone in Fossò, in the province of Venice, we're greeted by Daniele Barbiero, one of the owner-partners. He explains the origin of the brand name: "B" comes from the family surname, Barbiero, and "F" from Formenton. 

The company, in fact, was founded a couple years ago within the Formenton group, a traditional Venice business that has been crafting stone materials with dedication, passion, and skill since the 80s. 

Daniele shares that BF Stone was established to serve industrial clients in the kitchen countertop industry. They also handle supplies for furniture manufacturers, interior designers, architects, and the construction industry. 

BF Stone has developed two in-house brands that cater to the furniture sector: Tòoe, a line of designer tables, and Top Sill, which focuses on construction supplies.  

Upon entering the BF Stone workshop, we quickly notice the fast-paced and dynamic production environment. High-rotation processing occurs here, so every production step must be highly efficient.  

Daniele tells us about the recently purchased CMS brembana kartesia that seamlessly integrated into their production process. In fact, the brembana kartesia has made the company even more efficient by replacing two machines and allowing two operators to be relocated.   

“Brembana kartesia”, Daniele explains, “is used on a daily basis to machine holes for assembling under-tops, flush-tops and recesses, typical processes for kitchen worktops. These are three high-rotation processes and about thirty of them are performed in a day, in a double or triple shift.” 

We witness firsthand how quickly and accurately the brembana kartesia's self-positioning suction cups are positioned and ready to secure the workpiece during machining. The operators retrieve the sheet from its stand and suspend it in the air, prepared to load it into the machine. What used to take a few minutes to prepare the countertop now only takes a matter of seconds with the help of the brembana kartesia. 

BF Stone's relationship with CMS isn't limited to the brembana kartesia; it started 12 years ago with the purchase of a milestone, a waterjet cutting machine that remains in operation to this day. 

Daniele explains that CMS's excellent after-sales service, technical support, and sales assistance make it "a complete company, at the top of the market." He expresses satisfaction with the excellent results achieved since integrating the brembana kartesia into BF Stone's machinery. Above all, he credits their decision to choose CMS as a partner in their ongoing pursuit of maximum efficiency and productivity.