Get the best possible level of polishing with DPAWC!

Jul 5, 2023

The CMS brembana kosmos bridge milling machine is ideal for cutting and shaping stone. With its ability to machine slabs and blocks, it allows for the creation of custom pieces, making it ideal for applications such as flooring, gravestones, and stone pavers. 

When machining kitchen worktops, additional polishing is sometimes needed to obtain the finished product after cutting and shaping. 

To meet the needs of our customers in the best way, we offer all of these processes in a single solution with the brembana kosmos bridge milling machine: two machines in one.  

What sets the brembana kosmos apart is its incorporation of Dynamic Polishing with Automatic Wear Compensation (DPAWC). This advanced feature is also available on the brembana kosmos, brembana formax, brembana sprint and brembana gixa bridge milling machines. 

What are the benefits of the DPAWC control system? 

  • It ensures that polishing tools maintain a constant pressure on the surface to achieve the best possible polishing level, even while the tool wears

  • It allows polishing tools to be mounted on rigid adapters, thereby reducing tool vibration

  • It is capable of utilizing grinding wheels with either radial or axial water flow, thereby optimizing water consumption during the polishing process. 



  • Surface polishing up to gloss > 98% 

  • Workpieces up to 3600mm x 2500mm can be polished with the brembana kosmos 

  • Polishing remains optimal while the grinding wheels wear