Perfect Joint: the new tool for the perfect fit!

Jun 8, 2023

Are you cutting a slab of natural or synthetic stone to make a kitchen worktop, and after cutting you discover that the two pieces have significantly different thicknesses when you fit them together? The result is completely unacceptable, for both you and your customer! And now what? 

Until now, the only solution to this problem was to prepare for the endless job of calibrating shims along the profiles to be fitted together, which has to be programmed and managed by hand. 

From now on, however, the CMS “Perfect Joint” feature means it takes just a few clicks to get the perfect fit! 

The new Perfect Joint feature is made up of a software component and a hardware component: it needs a special thickness probe for the material (studied and patented by CMS), a grinding process and finally a profiling process to obtain the perfect result. 

The probe measures the thickness of the stab at various points along the edges that remain visible once installed. 

The “Perfect Joint” grinder will then machine the profiles to remove the right amount of material, which is automatically calculated to obtain a uniform thickness at the joints, so that they are perfectly aligned and gaged once installed. 

Using Perfect Joint means: the thickness is calibrated to be uniform at the joints defined in the machining program, and along the profiles that will be visible and accessible to the touch, while all other profiles are not gaged to avoid investing time and resources where they are not needed. 

The special graphical interface developed by CMS engineers for the dedicated software makes defining these profiles and joints very easy. 


  • Increased productivity by 16%: there is no need to turn the cut workpieces over for calibrating; 

  • 2 functions in 1: finishing and thickness calibrating of the cut workpiece with a single placement; 

  • Superior edge finish pleasing for the end user to touch.