Claudio Claudi and Cms brembana venkon: craftsmanship at the helm!

Jun 7, 2021

An artisan who loves his work, the will to experiment, the desire the go beyond the limits, and a machine ready to meet your every need: this is the story of Claudio Claudi, who has become a part of the Florentine history with his Cms brembana venkon.


Cms brembana venkon, is a state-of-the-art 5-axis bridge cutter, entirely Numerically Controlled.

“It is fast, accurate, and much closer to a numerical control compared to other kinds of machines by other brands. It can do the work of a larger machine, as it has both a fast and powerful engine and is also extremely accurate.”

- Claudio Claudi, owner–



  • The machine weight, of up to 4,400 Kg, guarantees excellent precision over time
  • The interpolated 5-axes mean that every kind of processing with a blade and/or tool can be achieved.
  • On-board software, 100% developed by CMS, for simple, intuitive programming


Claudio Claudi started working in 1998, having realized from the start that his ambition was to enter the niche world of inlays, luxury furnishing accessories, and facade cladding. This is a prestigious but demanding industry, so it wasn’t long before he decided to purchase a Cms brembana venkon. From there, it was a steady increase of important contracts, like one of the largest fireplaces ever created, apartments on the Côte d'Azur, and works in Macao.

Right up to the commission that earned the Claudi Company a place in history: the renovation of the rose windows in the Santa Maria Novella basilica, one of the most famous churches in Florence. A tricky, challenging task that has pushed them to the limits and beyond.There are so many slots that it wasn’t clear whether the machine had managed to make them or not, but they came out well in the end”, Claudio Claudi explained, visibly satisfied with his masterpiece.

Claudio Claudi is an unstoppable artisan, ready to overcome any obstacle that he finds himself facing. Because as the founder of Cms, Pietro Aceti also said: "It is not the machine that counts but satisfying the client.”