Protect your head and eyes like a true professional!

Feb 14, 2022

Protect your head and eyes like a true professional!

- Let’s take a closer look at SH+ and Ma.Ro Group -


A large group of internationally renowned athletes have entrusted the protection of their eyes and head to the Italian company, MA.RO Group.

This is a manufacturing company with over 40 years of experience which, with its SH+ brand of sports articles, has launched several product lines: cycling helmets, skiing helmets and masks, goggles, and a very unique range of vintage helmets.

Gianluca Poli, CEO, explains that the evolution of the product is developed entirely in Italy, in Cremona to be precise. The idea is created, drafted, tested in compliance with the strictest legislation, manufactured, and then sold all over the world.

In the early years of the new Millennium, the decision was taken to move the cycle helmet production to Asia but was immediately changed. Gianluca Poli sums up the main reason for this: “The collection had run out of steam and no longer bore our identity. So, we decided to return and face the difficulties of producing everything here.”

The impression one gets when speaking to the CEO is of a strong identity that is transferred to his product through meticulous daily work. An SH+ helmet contains hours of work, research, design, product development, and testing, but above all, passion.

This means that the end product is instantly recognizable and admired: “The customer undoubtedly appreciates the comfort as well as appreciating everything that we, especially Europeans and Italians, can give: the product’s appearance.”