Teuco opts for CMS thermoforming machines


Thermoforming: the essential phase in the manufacturing process and the key factor in Teuco’s quality

Following the technological evolution of thermoforming machines, Teuco aims at improving energy efficiency, reducing consumptions and acquiring the ability of tuning to contemporary design trends.

Teuco-Guzzini Industrial Group has been active since 1972 successfully and has never relocated its manufacturing sites from the area of Montelupone-Recanati, in the province of Macerata, to a different place. Here is where Virgilio Guzzini revolutionized the concept of bathroom environments by manufacturing acrylic tubs, an absolutely innovative material for the sector and instrumental for bringing the company to the leadership in the field of whirlpool baths.

Thanks to its policy of constant investments, Teuco continues to lead in the development and evolution of bathroom environments, by transforming them into open spaces to be lived and exhibited unreservedly. Owing to the unique features of Teuco production, characterised by the use of thermoplastic materials for the manufacture of tubs and showers, as ideally suitable for meeting any requirements of design projects flexibly and competitively, thermoforming machines are of great importance in the company’s production cycle.

So far traditional vacuum thermoforming techniques have been employed in Teuco’s factories, based on the use of diathermal oil, where it is necessary to bring oil to the right temperature and maintain it in operating conditions, therefore wasting energy beyond any actual production needs. From a mechanical viewpoint Teuco also felt the urgency of using innovative machinery, in order to comply with the contemporary design requirements, above all in connection with the thermoforming results obtained with bathtub and shower tray edges, but also with the aim at optimizing production times by speeding up loading and unloading rates.

Teuco products, appreciated all over the world for their rst-rate design and stylistic research, are strictly manufactured in Italy at the Montelupone (Macerata) production sites, where they are also tested and IMQ and ISO 9001 certified, according to their top technological and manufacturing quality. Teuco’s designing skills are substantiated by 60 international patents.

Nowadays Teuco has become a universally renowned brand for bathroom fittings and boasts complete and multipurpose design collections made up of washbasins, sanitary fixtures, taps and fittings, bathtubs and shower cubicles, cabins, combi units, steam rooms and mini swimming pools.

Besides, Teuco has always represented the state of the art in the use of plastic materials by gearing them to design requirements. Thanks to Teuco, whirlpool baths have now become an aesthetical choice without neglecting massage efficacy. The manifold international awards point out the project skills that have guided Teuco in the development of bathroom environments for over 40 years, owing to a cultural attitude, rather than entrepreneurial, that turns technology to the complete service of wellbeing.

The adoption of the innovative vacuum thermoforming BR5S machine by CMS Plastic Technology falls within their constant and deep rooted care for manufacturing and design quality: their market interlocutors are offered the most suitable creative opportunities, in a rational and competitive way.

The trials and tests carried out at CMS Plastic Technology plants in Levate (Bergamo) have fully confirmed the validity of the principles that inspired the project that was especially worked out for Teuco: obtaining higher quality parts, perfectly formed even in those areas that are “critical” for this system type, working faster and curbing energy consumption.

Owing to this BR5S machine Teuco production lines can rely on a cutting-edge technology that changes the thermoforming cycle radically, fully meeting all energy saving needs, both as regards constant tuning to the market positioning, based on the offer of advanced-design and trendy products, and in an attempt to forestall the stylistic canons of bathroom fittings.

Thanks to BR5S process automation, Teuco plants are now witnessing a remarkable increase in production rates and a substantial reduction in costs, above all as regards energy bills and the total working hours of thermoforming operators. After adopting its first BR5S machine, Teuco’s management intends to renovate the thermoforming lines completely by installing CMS Plastic Technology’s latest generation machinery.

Teuco (Italy)

The sheet thermoforming machine with fully automatic loading/unloading system


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