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Waterjet Cutting Robots

A revolution in CMS Tecnocut product range: accuracy and reliability.
CMS Tecnocut introduces tecnocut aquatec, a groundbreaking new waterjet machine suitable for metals, advanced materials, stone and glass of any size and shape.


  • Modular structure: a wide range of configurations to suit any demand
  • Gantry structure with 30 mm helicoidal racks, providing high accuracy and reliability
  • New generation of cutting heads with an internal circuit for the abrasive, wholly designed and manufactured in CMS
  • Significant increase of the Z-axis stroke, up to 530 mm, to cut very high thicknesses
  • Customized solutions: a wide range of accessories allows to configure a machine tailored to the user demands​
Technical data
Model* 2030 2040 2060 3060 Rapidi Accelerazioni
X Axis 149 in 158 in 237 in 237 in 54 m/min 2 m/s2
Y Axis 104 in 104 in 104 in 144 in 54 m/min 2 m/s2
Z Axis 21 in 21 in 21 in 21 in 12,6 m/min 1 m/s2
B Axis ±60° ±60° ±60° ±60° 17299 °/min 1450 °/s2
C Axis ±340° ±340° ±340° ±340° 13400 °/min 850 °/s2
Workable area 78x118 in  78x157 in 78x236 in 118x236 in    
Overall dimensions 232x159 in without light barriers 232x159 in without light barriers 310x159 in without light barriers 310x198 in without light barriers    

*STANDARD VERSIONS available up to 60120 (472x236 in) 

Dynamic precision (3-axis) ± 0,10 mm
Repeatibility of “ps” positioning ± 0,025 mm


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