Tecnocut jetpower evo: the excellence of tradition

Nov 15, 2023

In the world of pressure intensifiers for waterjet cutting, CMS stands out by offering the market a unique model featuring a parallel-cylinder design. 

This type of architecture can maintain an output pressure with a constant signal, without the need to install an additional downstream accumulator, a requirement typical of the opposing-cylinder intensifiers on the market. 

Here are the benefits of the pressure intensifier made at CMS: 

  • Constant pressure signal due to electronic synchronization of cylinder delivery and intake

  • Better cutting quality because constant pressure allows the machine to achieve greater cutting accuracy and uniformity; 

  • High-pressure circuit redundancy to continue working even when there are problems with a cylinder, in order to avoid ruining the material or stopping production while waiting for assistance; 

  • -39% maintenance costs compared to opposing-cylinder and direct-drive models because the high-pressure components are subjected to fewer fatigue cycles; 

  • No downstream accumulator to compensate for pressure drops when reversing the opposing cylinders, and that has to be replaced approximately every 10,000 hours, for an estimated cost from €6,000 to €10,000 (depending on the manufacturer and model).