Save time and improve productivity with the Hammerbolt Deslagging Unit!

Jul 20, 2023

Thermal cutting of sheet steel, typically done with flame or plasma cutting technology, leads to the formation of small pieces of metal, known as slag, which melt and adhere to the edges of the workpiece when it cools. 

Why is slag removal critical? Metal slag compromises the quality of the workpiece, contributes to structural weakening, and diminishes its aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it hinders the production process by complicating the coating application on the workpiece surface. 

Traditionally, slag is removed manually, requiring the operator to scrape or hammer it off the edges. This method is not only labor-intensive but also time-consuming. Post slag removal, further grinding of the workpiece is necessary to smooth the surface and eliminate any sharp edges. 

In CMS, we have developed a robust and effective solution for removing slag: the Hammerbolt Deslagging Unit. 

As the name implies, this unit operates using replaceable flexible bolts that resemble small hammers. These bolts oscillate to dislodge the metal slag that forms as a result of thermal cutting while the workpiece is being fed into the unit. 

What benefits does the Hammerbolt Deslagging Unit offer the end user? 

  • +400% average productivity increase compared to removing slag by hand;  

  • -30% lower power consumption compared to configurations that use contact rollers with abrasive grinding belts;  

  • -60% lower workpiece processing cost compared to removing slag by hand and -50% compared to removing it with abrasive belts; 

  • Consistent processing uniformity, regardless of the workpiece characteristics and slag size;  

  • Quick machine tooling because the hammerbolt retaining strips are easy to remove; 

  • More robust and durable than vertical rotary brushes with the same hammerbolts. 


Technical features: 

  • Roller available with a diameter of 220 and 250 mm 

  • 120 oscillations/minute at constant speed 

  • Tool extraction for quick replacement  

  • Infeed and outfeed nip rollers for better workpiece retention during processing   

  • Pneumatic On-Off for automatic enable or disable