Intelligent maintenance gives you more free time!

Nov 3, 2022

Mixing water at high pressure with abrasive granite makes cutting hard, very thick materials easy. Used abrasive gathers in the collection tank during this process and should be removed from the outside and disposed of in special bags.


There are 2 main solutions:

Manual: manual removal is done by the operator after emptying the water from the tank, or by a contractor company using sludge suction systems.

Hydrocyclone: a continuous suction system for the abrasive in suspension in the tank and external filtering into a special bag.


CMS is the only manufacturer in the world offering a used abrasive removal system with a dredging chain controlled entirely by NC. Already in its Evo4 version (patent pending), it guarantees an average lifespan of 10,000 hours before complete replacement without intermediary maintenance work.


In order to further extend the lifespan of the dredging system, an abrasive weighing option is now available with an electronic floor scale.



  1. Up to 5-fold reduction in dredging chain operating times
  2. x5: 5-fold increase in the average lifespan of the dredging system before complete replacement
  3. Elimination of machine downtimes when emptying the tank and manual removal of the used abrasive
  4. -75% in cost per hour compared to hydrocyclone systems
  1. Less energy waste and a cleaner working environment