Politecnico di Milano and CMS: 5 interesting facts you never knew.

Sep 22, 2021

The PoliMi Motorcycle Factory (PMF), thanks in part to its collaboration with CMS, has achieved a series of important results in the VI edition of Motostudent. The motorbike competition saw The Team of students from the Politecnico di Milano take first place in a number of categories. A fantastic result for a young, dynamic team made up of students avidly passionate about technology.

With more than 1500 students taking part, 60 Universities from all over the world, Motostudent is becoming one of the most successful events in the world for student motorsport competitions. The aim of each team is to design and create a prototype of a racing motorbike to compete against the other universities at the Motorland circuit in Aragon in Spain.


5 interesting facts you never knew!

1. The PoliMi Motorcycle Factory (PMF) is an actual Racing Team

In October 2015, a group of students passionate about motorbikes set up The Team that now includes more than 80 students from a number of faculties within the university. The tasks and problems faced by those in The Team are on a par with those of a racing team taking part in any global competition. Along with planning, there is also a need to manage material and spaces, organization and events logistics, interact with suppliers and sponsors, and lastly, managing The Team’s image on social networks.

2. More than just engineering

There are students ranging from “classic” mechanical, energy and aerospace engineering to the “less predictable” management, electric, and civil engineering; right up to the involvement of the design and architecture school. The students’ aim is to apply and verify all the knowledge they have acquired while studying to a real-life situation.

3. CMS as a reliable, technological partner

For the VI edition of MotoStudent, PoliMi has selected CMS to be one of its partners, as they contributed to the production of certain aluminum parts on the motorbike in both the Petrol category and the Electric category.

4. A CMS tecnocut proline to highlight its excellence

The parts have been cut with the new CMS tecnocut proline model, equipped with most innovative technical solutions to guarantee maximum precision and repeatability: 5-axis JD5 with limitless rotation, pinions and spiral cogs, automatic position of the TCP, dynamic compensation of the conical shape of the jet, and real time monitoring of the state of the cutting head.

5. Amazing results!

The Team achieved a series of incredible results, showing their worth in a highly competitive competition:

  • best time in the acceleration test (6.12 sec)
  • maximum speed recorded of 200km/h
  • award for Best Industrial Project