The Brembana Micra2.0

Jul 14, 2020

CMS North America’s technological commitment generated the brembana micra 2.0 for top quality results in marble, granite, ceramic, porcelain, and composite stone vanity fabrication. Built in USA with all the industry leading features of a standard Brembana CNC machine, the MICRA 2.0 is one of the strongest in its class: an 18 HP (13.5kW) standard Brembana Electro-Spindle, 10 positions automatic tool changer, a compact working area of 40”X30”, and an easy loading/unloading system. This machine is programmed by CMS-SINK LINK software, developed by CMS’s engineers and the working piece size is not restricted to the working area of the machine, which means the brembana micra2.0 is capable of loading full size slabs. If you seek to increase your capacity without resorting to hand fabrication, the brembana micra2.0 is the premiere affordable solution. The machine reflects CMS’s mission as an industrial partner rich in solutions aimed at engineering and process optimization for compact, high-production fabrication.