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A specialist in the development of technologies for the packaging of powders and granules, Sacchi - a company established in Pavia in 1926 - manufactures bulk product conveying, dosing, storing, bagging and palletising plants for the food industry in particular, which is increasingly in need of evolved plants.

In addition, it designs and manufactures cutting and emptying systems for both bags and lling systems for bags, big bags and drums, vibrating screens, dense phase pneumatic conveying, silos and other complementary machinery.

In addition, Sacchi specialises in the development of systems for masterbatch and plastic compound production. The company established itself on the market as the sole provider offering a complete service: from the delivery of raw materials to end-of-line production. Among its distinctive benefits recognised on the market, are its innovative efficiency, professionalism, availability and quality of its dialogue with clients both before and after sale.


“At Sacchi, we do not manufacture plants in series, we provide “tailor-made” plants, which have unique characteristics for each single client,” explains Luigi Sacchi, owner and production manager of the company.

"We therefore needed an evolved cutting machine that could intervene with the utmost precision and above all excellent results with many types of materials - definitely stainless steel, but also aluminium and plastic materials, to name but a few.

For over ten years, we had been considering waterjet cutting for use alongside or to replace plasma cutting. We analysed the sector to better understand the potential of the machines and find something that could meet our needs. The technical and sales staff at CMS Tecnocut were professional, helpful and very knowledgeable on a technical level - as we are very demanding from a technical point of view... first of all with ourselves!

When we compared what IDROLINE S offers to our needs, we decided to purchase it. Right from the start, we were extremely pleased with the 5 axes head and the flexibility it provides as well as with the overall structure of the machine.

At Sacchi, we care deeply about cleanliness, tidiness and the organisation of the productive departments in general, as well as the well-being of our workers and IDROLINE S is perfect for us from all perspectives - it is the ideal machine for our needs thanks also to its closed and safe structure.”

The use of Idroline S at Sacchi and application results

“All our plants are made according to the specific needs of each client and, precisely for this reason, waterjet cutting was the perfect choice for us,” stresses Luigi Sacchi.

“A very important aspect is the fact that, unlike hot plasma cutting, this type of technology does not employ flames or high temperatures, so we can cut stainless steel or other laminated materials, even one millimetre thick plates, without ruining or deforming them. Working in the food industry, this was often required, and we finally managed to satisfy the request - in fact, we can now work on pre-metal plates without problems.

Sacchi has been employing IDROLINE S for over a year with an average of nine hours a day. I can say we are very happy with our choice and we have even reduced the processing times for finished products. And I will tell you something more: the work of this machine can be fully appreciated by the finished product, so not only for the short cutting times, as the advantages are considerable - I’m talking about a 30-50% reduction in processing times for finished products ready for assembly.

Let’s make a practical example: thanks to IDROLINE S, we can cut a 15 mm-thick 316 stainless steel plate with a precision to the nearest tenth of a millimetre and the plate is practically ready for assembly. It used to take up to four hours to cut, mill and clamp pieces with plasma cutting and now it only takes 50 minutes!

By employing waterjet cutting, we believe we have reduced production times by 30%. In addition, waterjet cutting has improved the entire process - for example, we have reduced the need for welding too. All these improvements give us the time to analyse new technologies and start using the newest ones, as happened with bending, for example.

Clearly, such a machine becomes strategic in the production process; that is why we cannot afford downtime. Assistance and maintenance are therefore just as essential.

We chose to collaborate with CMS thanks also to this essential factor - a cutting-edge technology combined with an organization to match, i.e. with a well-structured and efficient service.”

Sacchi (Italy)

Machine building

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