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Idroline plays the leading role in Tenaris authoritative testing centre

The most important testing laboratory worldwide in the field of seamless pipes

Tenaris Dalmine is the leading Italian manufacturer of seamless steel pipes for the energy, car-making and mechanic industry, with a yearly productive capacity of 950.000 tons of finished products, over 2500 employees and 5 plants in Italy. Worldwide Tenaris employs almost 25,000 workers in various subsidiaries and production units. Thanks to an integrated global network of production units, research & development laboratories and customer service facilities, it meets the needs of its customers by providing highly effective products for the most diversified operating environments.

Tenaris’ constant commitment to Research & Development turns into new product design, steadfast improvement of existing products and optimization of production processes, in order to meet the strictest standards and suit the most complex applications. Over 200 scientists and engineers work side by side in the 4 research centres of the company. Tenaris also cooperates with first-rate external research & Development centres, product testing laboratories and prestige international universities. The testing department that is based in the historic premises of Dalmine and well integrated with the R&D centre generates an impressive turnout: over 7,000 samples each month, with peaks of 7,800/8,000.

For this reason the testing department lays particular stress on those technological developments that afford remarkable abatement in sample manufacturing time and guarantee maximum outcome dependability. Tenaris has found in Tecnocut Idroline system a peculiarly effective answer to all of its special needs.


A special application software has been developed by Tecnocut for Tenaris testing centre; such software abides by the standards of the corporate ICT system. Actually the machining centre interprets the vectorial file of each sample to cut, applies the cutting technology associated with the database-resident material, generates the ISO file, acquires the tube diameter datum by means of a feeler probe and finally, with the measured dimensions, adjusts the Z movements automatically.

Lastly, it waits for cutting completion and erases the corresponding  file. Such systemic integration has enabled Tenaris to embed Idroline system within its own workflow without changing any parameters or other elements of the ICT complex internal organization. Moreover, the system ensure complete and accurate traceability of each workpiece undergoing sample-purpose cutting.

After few months’ work inside Tenaris technological testing department, Idroline system has fully confirmed the customers’ expectations.

Relevant evidence of this high level of satisfaction is provided by Tenaris thinking about introducing Idroline system in other workshops of its plants all over the world.

The system fits in the testing centre working cycle perfectly and also cuts down on related downtimes and costs for test- ready samples.

Idroline major achievements stand out when compared to traditional machinery: with Idroline, times and costs have been sizeably cut back, thus allowing to meet Tenaris production requirements better, in particular as regards seamless pipe productions (even in case of 600 mm thickness and over).

Tenaris (Italy)

The most important testing laboratory worldwide in the field of seamless pipes


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