CMS Tecnocut and DAFA: waterjet cutting in the foam production chain



Sealing, absorbing and protecting. Many needs and only one reference company: DAFA

DAFA production has always been made to measure in close cooperation with each customer. Thanks to the intrinsic versatility and accuracy, waterjet cutting is the ideal technology for the DAFA manufacturing process. CMS Tecnocut machines perfectly meet the needs of a company which is proud of its production quality and customization capabilities.

Relying on over 70years of industrial activity and a constantly updated commitment to the technological innovation of its plants, DAFA is now a worldwide reference for the design and implementation of products based on foam and polymeric materials and characterized by different structures and typologies intended for application in multifarious industries with a view to meet all seal, insulation, shock absorption and anti-vibration needs. With headquarters in Brabrand, Denmark, and various production sites and commercial offices around the world, among which is a new operating centre in Tianjin - China.

DAFA is a company committed to the industrial world, well-known and respected for the quality of its production and its capability of offering an extremely collaborative customer service, based on dialogue and technical-engineering synergy in developing new projects.


Early in 2000 our company experienced huge growth, when the strong development of the business required us to implement a strategic changeover, from both the viewpoint of the production systems and the technologies adopted in our production lines. We carried out a careful analysis of what the market offered in terms of waterjet cutting equipment based on the best technical solution for our value-added manufacturing needs, and decided that CMS Tecnocut offered the best way forward.

Our collaboration started in 2001 and has never stopped; instead it has grown constantly with mutual satisfaction. We were looking for a new type of machine for our plants in Denmark, with more exible and higher speed, complete with a number of accessories, but above all constructed in close contact with the technology producer, where product engineering must fit our specific needs.

The main issue was not only to increase our productivity, but also to improve the production chain as a whole, not one single machining centre. Until then we were using small versatile machines, lacking interchangeable heads. We needed the highest levels of automation possible, including speed and ease of programming.

Another important issue was to find a technological partner who could guarantee a timely and complete assistance and maintenance service. In Denmark it can be hard to receive this level of service. With CMS Tecnocut we found what we needed and over the years, the crucial importance of relying on a dedicated service has been confirmed.

We process various types of foam materials in countless fields: from industrial to medical applications, from renewable energy sources to wind energy. We are open to any type of idea and project. We solve any kind of technical problems thanks to our materials and innovative techniques and with CMS Tecnocut we have found the perfect combination of expertise, innovation and quality of machining programming, the latter issue being extremely important for DAFA.

Usually you take in consideration the machine quality and features, but software package and programming versatility are neglected. For us it is essential to hang onto uninterrupted cutting operations and with CMS Tecnocut machines we have improved foam material machining times by up to 80%. This is the outcome of our close collaboration with CMS technicians at the development stage and during machine installation. Some special changes have improved the performance of our machines with a special character: our own! That is why we intend to install new CMS Tecnocut machines in the next few years. The same will happen in our China plant, where an Idroline 5X is already in operation and we reckon we will see a noticeably increase in our production capability.

Using CMS Tecnocut waterjet cutting machines brings about substantial advantages for DAFA production chain in terms of operating speed, machining accuracy, tooling versatility and cost optimization. The brilliant performance of Waterspeedy and Idroline machines, compared to other cutting systems, is due to technological solutions deriving from the special engineering commitment that places CMS Tecnocut in the forefront of this sector. DAFA’s customers are involved in the same kind of collaborative dialogue in order to provide solutions that meet all the specific needs of the production chain: machine configuration, practicality in managing the materials in pre- and post workpiece operations, IT control of all operations by CMS Tecnocut especially developed software Tecnocam, developed in Windows® environment. Tecnocam software is the result of Tecnocut’s know-how in the field: it ensures the machine is effectively controlled and is also compatible with the various software design packages available on the market. Tecnocam proves the ideal ally in controlling the high machining cycles and the many variables that characterize DAFA’s activity.

DAFA develops, creates and supplies a wide range of foam products and solutions, necessary for many industrial sectors, unlike each other but united in the search for quality as regards tightness, insulation, sealing, shock absorption and anti-vibration devices. Some of the sectors where the Dafa’ solutions are used are: electronics, wind turbines, packaging, air conditioning, lighting technique, medical instruments, automotive. DAFA creates solutions for oors, roofs, facades, doors and windows and manufactures sealing strips for car windscreens and windows for automotive sector. DAFA is the main European manufacturer of sealing tapes and items for joints, insulating anti-condensation articles and noise absorption devices. They produce sealant strip gaskets, customized insulating material with special consideration to boxing for the packaging and transport of delicate and valuable equipment. The shaped interior of carry cases, for instance, is almost always the result of DAFA’s work.

DAFA (Denmark)

Waterjet cutting in the foam production chain

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