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Efficiency and versatility: the strengths of an integrated technology system promoted by Vetrodomus

A worldwide reference in the production of glass sheets for architectural applications, Vetrodomus has upgraded its production technologies with the new generation of CMS “vertical” machining centres designed for arris grinding, rough and polished grinding, milling and drilling operations.

With over 45 years of experience in the production of structural glass and the ability to satisfy even the most demanding requirements of contemporary architecture, Vetrodomus of Brescia is one of Europe’s most successful companies in this sector. Its strength lies in the availability of technologically advanced systems that marry precision and versatility, thus enabling it to respond proactively to the varying needs of its customers.

Vetrodomus’market positioning and identity have enabled it to put in place and develop important collaborations across broad market sectors including construction, and specifically the naval and railway sectors. The purchase of high-quality materials in line with EC standards, stored in the company’s large warehouses, includes: clear and tinted, laminated, reflective, and low-emissions Float glass. Also polyvinyl butyral, used in stratification, is purchased from major international manufacturers and stored in special refrigerated spaces to maintain correct temperature. Completing the services offered by the company, customers are always given proper technical support so that solutions can be found that match requirements.

Vetrodomus has for several years availed itself of CMS for installing the main glass sheet processing machines. The first machines were the Futura bilateral grinding machines and a Deltagrind machining centre with the specific function of arris grinding. An FT 6.73 multifunctional machining centre was then added to its range of machine capabilities, and was particularly effective in the processing of glass sheets with circles and ellipses. With the recent introduction of the Profile machining centre, Vetrodomus has further extended its range of machines, resulting in an “integrated technology” dedicated to the manufacture of glass, thanks to various solutions provided by CMS.


The operation of the machines reveals strategic intelligence, based on dedicated software developed at the CMS research centre.

The Profile machining centre can be controlled and managed by a single person, who interfaces with a console containing all operating data specified completely and rationally, with full-time monitoring.

The use of the bar code labels proves to be of key importance: when the glass sheet reaches the vertical line, the operator scans the bar code with the scanner gun and the line automatically resets to activate the operations required for that type of glass.

The programming, performed in the office and even remotely, involves the simple creation of a .dfx file with a layer for each particular process. The system facilitates a continuous production cycle, thus eliminating downtime caused by machine-based programming.

As a result of its knowledge and professional insight into architectural culture, Vetrodomus is able to provide its customers and suppliers with an attentive, personalised, constantly updated, and consistent quality service, which represents a genuine partnership as well as quality products that are second to none in terms of reliability and creativity.

For Vetrodomus, the decision to acquire a vertically-operating machine grew out of its relationship with CMS, which is now a reference point on the technological landscape, a relationship which also expressed itself in terms of consultancy and took into consideration Vetrodomus’ innovation and its opportunities for optimising its production chain.

The close working relationship between CMS and Vetrodomus is emphasised by Pasquale Pastore, the Chairman and founder of the company: “CMS was the first company in the world to develop machines of this type, vertical solutions which immediately captivated our interest. The machine was developed for shaped glass panels, and then was combined with the drilling machine, since we felt this to be the right combination. Our long-standing collaboration with CMS has been given a further boost by this new machining centre: we were the forerunners, so to speak, ensuring that we would be able to operate with increasingly large glass plates. Besides, we are fond of new things, of technologically advanced machines. Our vocation is as experimenters. The trust we have generated over the years - and the significant results Vetrodomus has achieved using CMS technologies provided the logical basis for introducing a vertical line - not an everyday development in our sector. We wagered once again on CMS, due to that company’s ability to manufacture machines having the specific requirements we seek. In practice, we have applied the experience gained in recent years with the bilateral CMS machines, transferring this know-how to the vertical system, which has its own specific features, in particular exibility in the change of format, assisted loading and unloading without the need for manual tools and with the ability to process rectangular glass as well as shaped glass sheets. All this translates into a noticeable reduction of downtime and a speeding up of continuous production ows. This enables us to better satisfy our customers’ requests: maximum precision and equal rigour in complying with delivery deadlines, also for highly customised requirements and non-serial orders. With the vertical line, we are now able to work in one continuous flow in operations that, in the past, were separated into several separate stations, which required time going between one station and the other, apart from the risk of causing damage to the plates.”

Vetrodomus (Italy)

The vertical machining centre for the glass industry

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