CMS Monofast 3D: quality and precision in the production of knife handles and grips.

Jul 4, 2023

CMS Monofast 3D machining center has been enhanced and equipped to meet the most specialized needs of our customers by unmatched performance in machining knife handles and grips.

The machining now features a high-capacity carousel magazine for the blanks, ensuring prolonged machining operations without the need for operator interference and   thanks to the revolver operating unit, tool change times are reduced to zero.

Productivity peack  and performance of CMS Monofast 3D are guaranteed by specialized tooling, mechanical or vacuum clamping, automatic workpiece centering and  rotation devices.

The manipulator group allows machining on all six faces of the workpiece and the connection to an aspiration system allows to minimize the waste of time in cleaning the work area.



•  Decreased machine cleaning time by 7%

•   Newly added high-capacity blank magazine that is four times larger than a standard                        magazine

•  Complete automation for ease of use and increased efficiency