Always choose the best to stay at the top

Jun 13, 2022

Briccoli Modelleria is an Italian company that designs and produces foundry models, molds and equipment. The company’s motto reads “Since 1885, we have been building a future with the oldest art known to man”. The experience matured throughout its history and the technological investments made have allowed it to expand dynamically and flexibly in the market, so they can provide instant answers to a target with different needs, manufacturing high-end products with precision delivery times.

Throughout its history, Briccoli has opted 8 separate times for CMS machines over a period of 18 years, in a continuous crescendo of esteem, reliability, guarantee, quality, respect and cooperation.

In this video, we present the case of roughing and finishing of aluminum blocks for the rotational molding industry. The ideal choice was the CMS ethos with 5-axes torque head and 32 kW electro-spindle. In particular, the video shows the processing of an unfinished aluminum piece measuring 4m x 1.2m x 0.4m.