Additive Talk (Ep.8) - Design for Additive Manufacturing

Jul 25, 2022

Does Additive Manufacturing technology exist without Design for Additive Manufacturing? In this eighth episode, one of the founders of PUNTOZERO 3D, Francesco Leonardi, will discuss CMS’ new technology strategy & Business Development with Marino Chiappa.


PUNTOZERO 3D is a team of experts capable of helping companies involved in Additive Manufacturing to make the most of the opportunities available, setting out the paradigms of engineering planning for different additive technologies. It is an organization capable of creating the best products, helping companies innovate and resolving problems with a planning approach outside of traditional frameworks.


During their chat, Francesco Leonardi and Marino Chiappa try to get a clearer idea of this aspect of Additive Manufacturing that is perhaps still underrated, but which is becoming increasingly more essential for those involved in this world.