"SMAU Innovation" Prize to Scm Group

Oct 21, 2020

SCM and CMS, the two benchmark brands in the Scm Group's machinery sector, key players in the 57th edition of Smau, the annual Innovation trade fair held at the Fieramilanocity on 20 and 21 October. The digital software and services integrated with the SCM machines for machining wood and the CMS machines for composites, plastic, marble, glass and metal, won the "SMAU Innovation" Prize. The General Manager, Marco Mancini, picked up the award on behalf of the Scm Group during the SMAU Live Show event on the topic of "Interconnection of integrated and digital production systems and processes: the factory turns smart".

The prize is an important acknowledgement of the high innovative value offered by the SCM and CMS industrial machines, complete with digital services and Internet of Things - IoT systems that render the end customers' factories (from the furniture industry to construction, from automotive to aerospace, from nautical to plastic materials) better performing in terms of efficiency and productivity.

The case of Scm Group's excellence illustrated and awarded at Smau is an example of how the same industrial machines "change look": from "pure mechanics", it has become increasingly more "intelligent" and smart, connected and integrated into the entire factory, in line with the needs of Industry 4.0. In particular, once the sensors have acquired all the data and information on how the machine is functioning, this is transmitted and integrated onto the web and converted into high added value services for the end customer.

These are only a few examples of the services: constant monitoring and analysis of the machine's state of repair and performance, anywhere and at any time; instant interaction and sharing of information between the customer and technical service provided, even remotely; a significant reduction in time and cost when resolving technical problems, thanks to the possibility of identifying them in real time and even preventing them by using the "performance monitoring" data acquired.

All this is made possible by SCM's "Maestro connect" IoT and CMS' "CMS connect" platforms that allow the end customer to constantly work as efficiently and productively as possible.

Innovation, digitalisation and customer support services – says Marco Mancini, Scm Group's General Manager - are the key players behind our Group's success, especially for the SCM and CMS divisions. Even in the machinery sector, the on-going trend is a shift away from being machine manufacturers and towards service providers which place customers' real needs at the centre as well as the optimisation of their production processes and business plans".

In the picture, Marco Mancini, Scm Group's General Manager, with Pierantonio Macola, Smau’s President, and Simona Regina, journalist at Radio Rai.