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Tenoners, Mortisers, Double sided shapers - Tenoners, Mortisers, Double sided shapers - balestrini fox

CNC dual head tenoning machine for the simultaneous execution of round and straight tenons at the workpiece end, with different angles. It is possible to equip the head units with 2 drilling/mortising units. Thanks to the NC machine adjustments and the automatic hopper feeder this tenoning-mortising machine achieves unparalleled productivity. The new Human-Machine Interface Maestro active joint allows macros programming and sending into the machine easily.



The right and left head units, composed of a tenoning unit and, as an option, a drilling/mortising unit, can be positioned by NC at various angles, allowing the execution of machining operations even at negative angle.

At the machine front side, it is placed a loading station equipped with an automatic hopper feeder that guarantees a loading and unloading time of less than 3".

The full protection enclosure with manual opening/closing doors ensures total safety during the working phases and maximum ergonomics when entering the machine for set-up and maintenance.

It is the new Human-Machine Interface with an extremely simple and effective design, which allows to select numerous macros for tenons, holes and mortises programming.

Technical data
MACHINING FEATURES balestrini fox tn
balestrini fox plus
Workpiece length   min. 200 mm
max. 2000 or 3000 mm
Workpiece cross-section Width x thickness min. 10 x 10 mm
max. 120 x 60 mm
Tenon dimensions Length max. 80 mm
Thickness max. 30 mm
Height 6 ÷ 50 mm
Hole or mortise dimensions Hole diameter max. - 32 mm
Mortise length max. - 80 mm
Mortise thickness max. - 32 mm
Hole or mortise depth max. - 50 mm
Cutting angles Head units rotation From -22,5° up to 45°
Head units tilting From -20° up to 45°
CNC Automatic feeder Workpiece length min/max. 200/ 2000 or 3000 mm
Loadable weight on the loading station max. 20 kg
Tenoning unit Quantity 2
Power 4,5 kW
Speed 9000/12000 rpm
Mortising unit Quantity - 2
Power - 2,2 kW
Speed - 12000/18000 rpm
Tool diameter std. - 10 mm or 3/8"
Programming With macros, through Maestro active joint
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