The AGILE way for FLAT PLASTIC cutting

18 May 2020

Adaptable, Global, Innovative, Lean, Efficient solutions


Thanks to constant investments in research and innovation, CMS Plastic Technology is recognized as a unique partner for entire processes: from thermoforming, to trimming, to the realization of models and molds, ensuring maximum productivity.
CMS Plastic Technology is in the forefront of manifold sectors, such as: automotive, aerospace, earth-moving machinery, motorhomes, buses, railway industry, bathtubs production, technical items, visual marketing, mechanical components and packaging.

CMS Plastic Technology presents 4 new machining centres capable of changing the flat plastic cutting system by simplifying and streamlining the processes at the same time.

These four innovative products add to CMS’ ranges and are intended to meet the increasingly complex needs of customers; they also make it possible to operate within new highly specialised sectors such as signage or engineering parts.

Each of the 4 new models has different features to match the various fields of application.

As a whole they are characterized by the following key points, in line with CMS' corporate philosophy: high degree of innovation, ease of use, space optimization thanks to state-of-the-art design, maximum safety and reliability requirements, low energy consumption, remarkable increase in efficiency and productivity.

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  • Fixed-table and mobile-gantry architectures equipped with double motorization. Axis parameters specifically set for plastic and advanced materials machining. Cycle times reduced by 11% on average over the whole range.
  • Best-in-class 3- and 5-axis operating heads. Optimized for the processing of plastic materials, they ensure total absence of vibrations, high removing capacity and high machining speed in all conditions.
  • Machining centres available in PRO SPEED and PRO SPACE versions. Designed for the specific needs of productivity and space optimization, with an average saving of 15% in factory floor encumbrance.
  • Aggregates dedicated to the processing of plastic and advanced materials, with solutions specifically designed for such specific sectors as signing, nesting and technical items machining.