Working large-sized ceramic slabs with the most advanced cutting line: Garavini & CMS

15 Oct 2019

Garavini srl is a company specialized in the treatment and working of large-sized ceramic slabs; in recent years the company has expanded with the construction of three new buildings in order to increase its production capacity.

"Because of the growing demand for non-standard formats from the world of ceramics", explains Matteo Baretti, Project Manager of Garavini srl, "we had to increase our flexibility in production, that’s why we chose CMS".

Garavini's choice fell on a cutting line consisting of a Brembana Runner cutting table and a TR breakout table, connected in a completely automatic way by means of conveyor belts.



  • +25% time savings: while the operator works on the breakout table, the line can continue to cut into the workpieces on the cutting table
  • +30% productivity increasing due to the recovery of the waste from the processing
  • Total safety for the operator: the machine is certified to respect the most stringent regulations
  • Extremely simple and user-friendly programming



  • Cutting capacity for workpieces from 3 to 12 mm
  • Dry cutting without dust dispersion
  • Axis handling speeds of up to 160 m/min, to minimize downtime
  • Machine compliant with Industry 4.0 requirements