Indiawood 2018

8-12.03.2018 Bangalore, India

The widest and most advanced range of woodworking technologies

March 08–12, 2018

Bangalore International Exhibition Center

In Bangalore from 8th to 12th March, SCM will present its most reliable and technologically advanced range of woodworking machines. Offering a wide selection of solutions for every type of operation, from panel to solid wood processing, these machines are designed and manufactured in Italy to make customers competitive all over the world.

"SCM works alongside its customers, day after day, and this happens more than ever before in Indian markets. - states Luigi De Vito, Head of the SCM Woodworking Machinery division - In these countries, both medium-sized furniture manufacturers and small-scale craftspersons are extremely dynamic and recognise SCM and its technical expertise as the ideal partner to keep them in line with the growing production levels of one of the worlds most promising economies. SCM is currently developing special projects and major investments in the Indian market that focus on a solid working relationship with the local distributor and through one of the most dynamic and fastest growing sales and technical teams in the area. SCM is also on the training and technological skill sharing frontline thanks to its technicians and an efficient network of local distributors. Installing an SCM machine has always led to a long-standing relationship of work, growth and trust."

Some very special SCM machines will be on display at IndiaWood, including:


a comprehensive range of edge banders with models for every type of application: from the stefani md industrial edge bander that edges up to 22mm thick panels with solid wood edging and is ideal for machining both small and large batches, to the minimax me 20 model, the benchmark for craft edge banders that is both versatile and user-friendly


the extremely versatile profiset shapers for window, door, stair and furniture profiles that can be used for small batches too


dmc S600 and S300 sanding machines for small and medium-sized companies that offer versatile machining from solid wood calibration to sanding coatings


an exclusive collection of woodworking machines, from the Invincibile SiX, a state of the art circular saw for the entire sector, to more innovative moulders, planers and band saws

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