Honeycomb Cores Machining: the Winning Sinergy

8 Jun 2020

The efficient machining of honeycomb is a challenge.

It requires to get the best from two technologies: Milling and Ultrasonic

CMS offer 5-axis machines with the state-of-the-art solution for honeycomb and core materials machining where traditional tools and ultrasonic knives are automatically interchangeable in a seamless process without any operator's intervention.

The best productivity in the market, in the easiest way.



  • 2 technologies in the same machine: lower investment, no parts repositioning, 215% higher productivity
  • 65% shorter cycle time thanks to the fully automated switch between 5-axis milling unit and 5-axis ultrasonic unit
  • Dedicated magazine for ultrasonic tools with laser system for micrometric automatic blades alignment