Endless capacity with unlimited waterjet power: 6200 bar on tecnocut easyline

22 May 2020

The combination of 6200 bar pressure technology, generated with precision and efficiency by the greenjet electric pump, with the tecnocut easyline waterjet cutting system characterized by a dual cantilever system fitted respectively with 3 and 5-axis cutting technology and 2000x10000 mm working area, represents a unique solution on the market in regards to versatility and application capabilities.


It is no coincidence that our customer Förderbänder Stoll GmbH, a leader in consulting and implementation of transport and wear protection solutions since 1973, has chosen CMS as a successful partner able to meet their needs for business development and improved production capacity.



Open frame structure with dual cantilever and independent 3 and 5-axes cutting technology

Separate single frame tank with anti-corrosion ceramic coating and stiffening gussets for more rigidity and longer life

Work surface with net cutting area cutting from 2000x10000 mm for single- or double-head machining of large-sized plates

6200 bar electric intensifier with a water flow rate of 2.28 l/min, maintaining reduced energy consumption both in machining and in rapid movements

¼" UHP (Ultra High Pressure) tubes from the intensifier to the cutting head for increased wear resistance and therefore longer working life



Up to 80% productivity increase due to available cutting power and multi-head machining

6100 bar dynamic output pressure from the intensifier to cut the toughest rubbers without abrasive, thus reducing hourly operating costs by 33%

High flexibility to get the most out of a wide range of applications due to the single- or dual-head configuration in 3-axis set-up and 5-axis head availability for inclined cuts up to +/- 60°