Campus is an effective solution to continuous technological and training challenges. A support to business as well as a socially responsible gesture with which Scm Group intends to develop the most advanced skills in the industrial machinery and components sectors and transmit them to today's professionals and those of the future, across the globe.

Campus coordinates and promotes all the activities aimed at developing the technical, managerial and administrative skills of the 4,000 employees currently working for the group around the world. Training courses are also organised for Scm Group's network of distributors and clients.

Campus aims to be a benchmark interlocutor for secondary schools, universities and professional training organisations as well as the business schools with whom Scm Group collaborates in Italy and abroad on joint training programmes.





It is not just the stability of its structure and potential to innovate that elevates SCM Group above the rest: inspired by the principle that people are at the centre, our Group has always invested in continuous employee training programmes, offering a range of training experiences in line with role skills and managerial challenges. 


for clients and distributors

Opened in 1980, Scm had its own school, the CSR Training Centre which, for twenty years, trained a total of around 4,000 people, from 40 countries. A unique centre of excellence in Italy which received significant recognition at international level, positioning itself as the second private school of global calibre in the field of wood and other materials.

With Campus, SCM Group aims to continue being this benchmark for our clients and distributors, transmitting knowledge and quality in constant support of their activities.




The people at the centre:

develop knowledge

The people at the centre:

generate goals

The people at the centre:

reflect and consolidate

The people at the centre:

explore and apply

The people at the centre:

assess and monitor



A space to grow

SCM Group Campus focuses on training support technicians and is spread over a total area of 1,300 square metres, with 9 classrooms, offices and a Training Centre set up with Scm machines, which are operational. 

More than 500 courses were held in 2019, amounting to 52 thousand hours of training, involving around 3,200 participants and more than 50 trainers.
Key topics included: Sales Excellence, SW Design, Industry 4.0Managerial Economics and Skills.

Scm Group Campus has different headquarters in Italy and abroad in order to guarantee training excellency to as many people as possible. 




Learning management system



Team Building






Training programme

Campus is unique because it is a dynamic training centre, capable of adapting its programme to the challenges posed by technologies and the market. A Centre coordinated by the Scm Group HR and Organisation Dept., with trainers both from within the Group and from outside it, including freelancers and lecturers from leading Universities and Business Schools.




What Campus produces in a year






We work together to win together

We provide our skills in the machine industry for the processing of wood and advanced materials, using industrial processes organised in line with the most advanced principles of lean management and operational excellence. Factors that have led us to be a global leader in this field.

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