Effortlessly Process Large Marble Blocks!

11 May 2023

Transporting large marble blocks to and from the machining center can be challenging due to their size and weight. Initially, the block is heavy, and after being sculpted, it becomes lighter and more fragile. 

In the past, the aluminum table sometimes hindered marble workers while processing large blocks, but not anymore. 

Now, our easy, affordable and practical solution allows workers to easily remove and place the worktable as needed. 

A CNC worktable requires precise references, so it is typically welded to the floor at four points and never moved to avoid losing pre-set references. 

However, our optional CMS accessory system utilizes adjustable reference conical feet, allowing the table to be relocated and repositioned using a forklift, jib crane, or overhead crane. How may you ask? The conical references are secured to the ground instead of the table feet, enabling the table to be moved, providing more space for marble blocks and simplifying the marble worker's job. 

This innovation showcases CMS's commitment to addressing clients' needs and assisting those who create large sculptures with a machining center. 


  • Reconfigure the work area in just 30 seconds; 

  • Ability to process blocks weighing over 5 tons; 

  • 22% increase in maximum processing height for the piece.