JetShield: protect your waterjet machine from high-pressure wear

3 Aug 2022

Waterjet technology is based on the transfer of kinetic energy from the spray of water to the material to be cut. The water jet is brought to a pressure of 4000 bar thanks to the multiplier.

In this process, all the hydraulic components involved in generating and transporting the water at high pressure are subject to a fatigue (or wear) cycle each time the pressure varies from low to that of the set cut.

CMS has devised a solution that is both simple and innovative to keep the circuit constantly at cutting pressure even when loading and unloading the material to be cut without compromising the conditions of maximum safety for the operator.

JetShield is the “glass”-shaped device installed inside the tank that can house the cutting head’s mixing tube safely, becoming a genuine shield that protects the operator should the cutting head accidentally open.


What are the advantages of JetShield for the end user?

  • Loading, unloading and machine set-up operations can be performed in complete safety
  • It keeps the circuit from the pump to the cutting head constantly under high pressure.
  • It increases the duration of the hydraulic components 3-fold under high pressure compared to traditional systems